Things done:

1) Selection (composition, subject matter)

2) Cropping

3) Contrast, shadow detail, first pass on color (see below)

4) Metadata (title, location, camera info, shot info)

5) Ordering

6) Captions

7) Colophon

8) Bibliography

Although I’m still adding and subtracting onesies and twosies, sometimes because I take a better photo.

Things to do:

1) Explanatory essay

2) Final color tweaks (I cannot get Spyder to work with the Eizo EV2450, though the monitor is factory calibrated)

3) Fringing (especially with the Zeiss 25mm; this may cause rejection of some)

4) Barrel distortion and vignetting (which I don’t yet have an eye for)

5) Spot removal (done only for those printed)


1) Shopping cart links for site